About Kappa Phi Lambda

Mission Statement

"We, the sisters of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., strive to strengthen Sisterhood amongst women by providing Service and promoting Cultural Diversity to our members and our community, thus securing the bond of kinship for posterity. Kappa Phi Lambda exists to further educate individuals about Pan-Asian culture, while keeping our own identities. We aim for academic excellence, keeping in mind the importance of education and learning as the key to strength, awareness, and fulfillment."


Mascot: Phoenix

Flower: Orchid

Gem: Diamond

Colors: Red, White, Heather Grey





Sisterhood: Although it is difficult to describe, the bond of sisterhood is a common light that burns passionately in each sister. We embrace a unique relationship based on friendship, respect, and a shared vision. Wherever we go, and no matter how long ago we were initiated, each sister is connected and important to the sorority. With a network of sisters spanning across the globe, we can find comfort in knowing that Kappa Phi Lambda extends so much further beyond our own universities!

Service: Contributing to the community and supporting important causes are core values of Kappa Phi Lambda. We place a heavy emphasis on service and are committed to giving back to our communities. We also uphold strong ideals of philanthropy adopting CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty as our national philanthropy. In addition, we work closely with our local philanthropy, Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit organization dedicated to the safety, healing and self-determination of victims of domestic violence and related forms of gender violence.

Cultural Diversity: We believe that by educating our community about the beauty and complexity of Pan-Asian cultural heritage, we also uphold the importance of understanding all cultures. The events we host on campus enrich our cultural awareness and help to educate others. The events we attend, hosted by other organizations, in turn enhance our appreciation of other cultures. Although we are an Asian / Asian American interest sorority, by no means are we Asian exclusive. Across the nation, sisters represent over 50 different ethnicities and over 30 different native languages.